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Welcome to Absolute Boxing Fitness, the most fun, innovative workout you will ever experience. We specialize in proper boxing techniques, small classes and highly personalized attention. So, lace up your gloves and climb into our boxing ring and get in the best mental and physical shape of your life." Keep Punching ... Tony

Absolute Boxing Fitness is the creation of Tony Spain.Absolute Boxing Sarasota - Home

Tony Spain is a former Golden Glove Champion, undefeated 4 time Toughman Champion and a former Professional title contender. Along with his 25 years of boxing experience, Tony is a Sanctioned USA Boxing Coach, a Licensed Florida Boxing Trainer, a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

Assistant Trainers:

Absolute Boxing Sarasota - Home


EASY TO LEARN AND TEACH: "Since I've been working with Tony, I've noticed an increase in my overall handspeed and combination speed. His program is easy to learn and easy to teach. It is a great program to offer with my martial arts classes." --
Eric Marshall, World Champion Kickboxer and Fitness

EXCELLENT FOR CORE TRAINING: "Tony Spain and his Boxing Fitness -- a great workout and excellent for core training, total body fitness, and aerobic exercise." --
Sally Ponzio, Pilates Certified Instructor and Aerobics Certified Instructor

COMPLEMENTS MY KETTLEBELL FITNESS PROGRAM: "Tony's Boxing Fitness is an in-depth and well-balanced program. His scope and content are excellent with an eye on safety. It blends well with my Kettlebell training program." -- Frank DiMeo, NSCA-CPT, Qualified Level-1 Kettlebell Instructor through KettleBell Concepts

MOST INNOVATIVE AND FUN: "Tony's Boxing Fitness routine is the most innovative and fun cross-training I've ever done. It is fun and easy to learn." --
Cathy Clampitt, Bodybuilding Champion, Sarasota FL